#39: Dockside Brewing

Dockside: where the view is infinitely more interesting than the beer.
Dockside: where the view is infinitely more interesting than the beer.

Location: Granville Island
Year Opened: 2001
Flights of Four: $14 for 6
Recent BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Recent Canadian Beer Awards Wins: NA

Dockside Restaurant is quite likely the most beautiful place you can go to drink local beer in Vancouver. Perched on the eastern edge of Granville Island, our group visited the establishment directly after last call at Granville Island Brewing, and arrived just in time to enjoy the kind of sunset that fills up every Vancouverite’s Instagram feed every summer. The decor of the place complements the setting: the patio is enclosed by sturdy wooden trellises, with wide openings towards the marina and False Creek, which makes for a picturesque view of the formerly industrial waterfront.


Unfortunately for Vancouver beer-lovers, this wonderful setting is spoiled by some truly mediocre beer. Dockside’s house brews ranked dead last for quality among our reviewers, and it wasn’t particularly close. Across the board, the offerings were weak in flavour and body, and in a number of cases indistinguishable from each other. While none of the brews were good (or even decent), the Jamaican Lager was particularly bad, with a flavour more like juice than beer.

Dockside’s website tells you where their priorities lie, advertising their stunning view and their delicious brunches, meals, coffee and wine. Without digging into it, you might never know that Dockside Brewing existed, and perhaps it shouldn’t. We’re left with the impression that the brewery aspect of Dockside is something like an appendix: no longer serving a useful purpose and only capable of causing pain.

It might be time to cut it out.

Quality: 6.7/20 (42nd)
Standout: 1.4/5 (42nd)
Diversity: 4.7/10 (34th)
Innovation: 2.0/5 (34th)
Experience: 7.4/10 (13th)
TOTAL: 22.3 (39th)

#38: Off The Rail Brewing

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