Steel Toad Brewery (RIP)


Location: Vancouver
Year Opened: 2014
Year Closed: 2018

BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Canadian Beer Awards Wins: NA

Steel Toad was a cavernous, 2,000 square foot monument to the opulent redundancies of British Columbia’s beer rush, all form and commercialism over function or purpose.

And then it died, because it was the worst.

Steel Toad was the place in Olympic Village that sat right next to Craft Beer Market and Tap and Barrel, because the planned neighbourhood really needed three gastrohalls appealing to the same demographic.

Steel Toad was an adequate restaurant, with slightly elevated pub food that’s a good option if you were a tourist or a local in north Mt. Pleasant who wanted to put absolutely no thought into their dinner choice for the evening.

Our favourite at Steel Toad was the holders. (Flickr/wyn ♥ lok)
Our favourite at Steel Toad was the holders. (Flickr/wyn ♥ lok)

Steel Toad made their own beers, thus qualifying them for this list, but the most interesting part about those beers was the taster holders they reside in: metallic and bunched in a cube, rather than a paddle.

Steel Toad had a serviceable selection of ales, lagers and IPAs, just like that other place you’d prefer to be at. They all ranged from not great to just passable. They also discovered a raspberry beer in 2016 like everyone else in the market.

In early 2017, Steel Toad was discussed for five minutes when we debated whether it was indeed the worst brewery in Metro Vancouver, and the nicest thing anyone said about it was “I never have to wait 30 minutes for a table like other bars.”

And then, in early 2018, right as we were to declare Steel Toad the worst brewery in Metro Vancouver for the 2nd straight year, it was the first brewery during the Vancouver Beer Rush to go out of business, allowing neighbouring Tap & Barrel to take it over and rebrand it as a place where collaboration beers with other B.C. breweries could thrive.

And not a tear was shed.

Next in Metro Vancouver/Southwest B.C.: Hasting Mills (Pat’s Pub)

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