Black Kettle Brewing Company

Location: North Vancouver
Year Opened: 2014
Recent BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Recent Canadian Beer Awards Wins: NA

Rank in North Vancouver: 5th place (out of 5)
Rank in Metro Vancouver: 37th place (out of 48)
Rank in Southwestern B.C.: 59th place (out of 77)

Located in an industrial area just to the west of Lonsdale Quay, Black Kettle very much an under the radar brewery, for a variety of reasons.

One, getting to the brewery takes some time (it’s not transit accessible past the Quay) and the tasting room is essentially a few benches in their expansive warehouse complex: quite pleasant if you enjoy minimalism and giant brewing tanks, but that’s it.


Second, the beer is straight to the point: ales, IPAs, porters, an Oatmeal Stout are all in their rotation. But aside from an occasionally-made Kentucky Common beer, nothing is particularly unique, and the styles you can try in their tasting room rarely exceed four or five.

Let’s be clear: this is tasty beer. That’s no longer in short supply in Vancouver though, and there’s nothing in their roster that particularly stands out.

Nothing about Black Kettle is bad. But nothing about it is memorable, either.

Quality: 12/20 (52nd)
Standout: 2.5/5 (63rd)
Diversity: 4.8/10 (64th)
Innovation: 1.8/5 (66th)
Experience: 6.7/10 (48th)
TOTAL: 27.8 (59th)

Next in Metro Van: R&B
Next in Southwest B.C.: Moon Under Water

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