Moody Ales

Location: Port Moody
Year Opened: 2014
BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Canadian Beer Awards Wins: NA

Rank in Port Moody: 3rd place (out of 4)
Rank in Metro Vancouver: 19th place (out of 48)
Rank in Southwestern B.C.: 33rd place (out of 77)

Moody Ales is exactly what you’d expect from two former IT consultants that dove headfirst into a brewery. They’re passionate, they’re confident about their ability, and they prioritize quality at the obvious expense of other aspects of their operation. Moody Ales makes really good beer, but there was a sizeable gap between them and our Top 15 breweries, because they haven’t nailed down all their aspects yet.

Of the Port Moody 4 — their fairest comparison — they have the most unremarkable brewery. That’s not all bad: it lacks character or distinguishing features but it’s a big, accommodating place with an enjoyable patio.

Tables, brewing vats, and board games.
Tables, brewing vats, and board games are what greet you on a cold or rainy day.

However, sometimes it only has four beers on tap for some reason, and they focus heavily on the ales (surprise!) at the best of times. On a sunny day, the patio is a lovely place to be, but when it’s rainy, the interior still needs to be filled out. It’s hard to blame them — they’re busy pumping out great beers – but it’s frustrating when you want to hype them, yet need to temper expectations when visiting, because you ultimately don’t know what you’ll be getting.

Moody’s beers are diverse and they’re eager to swing for the fences on every pitch. It’s hard to make a good Russian Imperial Stout out of the gate but they managed to. Smoke is notoriously finicky but theirs (Smouldering Smoked Porter) is amongst the best in Vancouver. One tester described their red ale “like eating snow, in a good way”.

They don’t turn from any challenge and they impress for it, and are in a competitive area yet still making a name for themselves. It depends what you prioritize: half our group gave them an above average score, while the other half considered them solidly in the middle of the pack. So consider this a compromise.

Once they get into a rhythm and polish the experience, they’ll shine. Until then, there’s some growing pains while they discover a niche.

Quality: 13.9/20 (31st)
Standout: 3.9/5 (12th)
Diversity: 5.9/10 (41st)
Innovation: 2.6/5 (43rd)
Experience: 6.4/10 (54th)
TOTAL: 32.9 (33rd)

Next in Metro Vancouver: Bomber
Next in Southwest B.C.: Salt Spring Island Ales

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  1. Tyler

    Hey Justin!
    I frequent moody and am not sure when you were in but I would like to clarify a few things! Moody has 5 staple beers that are on almost always. Also I honestly can’t remember the last time there were less than 6 beers on in the tasting room. Through the summer and most of this year there was an average of 10 beers on tap, some days upwards of 15. Lately the list has had the 5 staple beers, 1-3 seasonals, 1-3 small batches, a table cask on the weekend, and almost always a beer on the cask engine. The lineup is generally diverse and consistent, and something for everyone. I (and many others) think moody has some of the best beer around, including Brewers row. Even their 5 staple beers, which may not be fancy or flashy but are very delicious in their own right. I would highly recommend swinging by moody again soon and trying them out again, I don’t think your review does them justice, and if anything actually misrepresents the brewery. If you’re ever concerned about what you’re going to get, their website is synchronized with their beer menu and you can see exactly what they are pouring.

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