Trading Post Brewing

Location: Langley
Year Opened: 2016
BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Canadian Beer Awards Wins: 2017 – North American Amber Lager (Smuggler’s Trail Rye)

Rank in Fraser Valley: 3rd place (out of 11)
Rank in Metro Vancouver: 14th place (out of 48)
Rank in Southwest B.C.: 19th place (out of 77)

Tucked into a sea of office parks and strip malls in Langley, far from Vancouver’s brewing epicentre, you’ll find a hidden gem.

Trading Post hasn’t generated a lot of hype in their first year, but they’re one of the best breweries south of the Fraser. While their lineup is uneven, the best of their beer tastes like a toasty hug on a cold day. And their warm and woody tasting room, with sugar-filled brunch waffles and the occasional upstairs yoga class on offer, is the perfect place to hunker down when the weather turns nasty.

What we tried varied in quality from average to very good: the breakfast stout tasted like a carafe of yesterday’s forgotten coffee on one trip, but the dark mild ale’s well-structured body and notes of smooth caramel really won us over, and the farmhouse ale (Dark Tart) and Brett IPA (What Cheer) were quite good as well. For a brewery that just opened in 2016, we’re willing to forgive a few misfires, as their diverse lineup shows they’re clearly striving for quality, and succeeding much more often than not.


As the first brewery in Langley City, Trading Post didn’t have to fill a niche or follow a trend. They went for a creative and homey brewhouse feel reminiscent of other suburban standouts like New West’s Steel and Oak and Port Moody’s Twin Sails. But while those small brewers aim for tight niches (red ales and German-style beers, respectively), Trading Post is still throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

In the fastest growing region of the province, Trading Post is in a sea of nothing, which inevitably means they’ll face more competition in the coming years. But right now in Langley, beer is whatever you make it. Trading Post is going to keep making it, and we’re glad to have discovered it so early on.

Quality: 15.3/20 (16th)
Standout: 4.0/5 (8th)
Diversity: 7.0/10 (19th)
Innovation: 2.9/5 (32nd)
Experience: 7.3/10 (25th)
TOTAL: 36.4 (19th)

Next in Metro Vancouver/Southwest B.C.: Powell
Next in Fraser Valley: Foamers’ Folly

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  1. Steve

    Trading Post is located in the Township of Langley. They are the second brewery in the Township of Langley. The City of Langley does not have a brewery at the moment.

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