A-Frame Brewing

Location: Squamish
Year Opened: 2016
Recent BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Recent Canadian Beer Awards Wins: NA

Rank in Squamish: 3rd place (out of 3)
Rank in Sea-to-Sky/Sunshine Coast: 7th place (out of 8)
Rank in Southwestern B.C.: 67th place (out of 77)

Of all the breweries we reviewed, A-Frame would make the nicest daycare. It contains what can only be described as a nice play area, with a low table and nice wooden seats suitable for wee patrons. There are nice local wooden toys to buy. There are picnic tables outside for when the weather is nice, too.

It certainly is a nice place, and a visit July, when the weather is warm and their patio surrounded by lavender, sound nice, doesn’t it?

But A-Frame is not a good brewery, because the beer it offers had little variety and nothing of distinction, even for a small space. Here’s what’s on tap right now:

  • Three smooth light ales with varying levels of hop (a cream ale, an IPA, and a dry-hopped pale)
  • Two dark ales, each with mild coffee notes (a porter and a seasonal black IPA)

The selection is about the same in the summer as in the winter, with the flavors uninspiring no matter what the month. Only one reviewer noted a single standout beer, a wheat ale that’s no longer available. Everything seems market-tested visually, but nothing is interesting when it comes to the, you know, beer.

That might be a rough review, but it’s hard to deny that A-Frame is deliberately aiming for some pretty basic, albeit nice, notes: sessionable* beers, served in a kid-friendly* space, or taken home to a family BBQ.*

(Adjectives marked with an asterisk, by the way, are taken straight from their website.)

There is nothing particularly wrong with A-Frame. It serves nice new beers, in a nice new space, for nice new Squamish people. If you just moved to the area, you might love it. But if you’re not in the neighbourhood, why bother? There are better things to try than nice.

Quality: 12.1/20 (49th)
Standout: 1.75/5 (74th)
Diversity: 4.6/10 (68th)
Innovation: 1.0/5 (76th)
Experience: 6.4/10 (61st)
TOTAL: 25.9 (67th)

Next in Sunshine Coast/Sea-to-Sky: Whistler
Next in Southwest B.C.: Granville Island

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