Mission Springs Brewing Company

Location: Mission
Year Opened: 1996
BC Beer Award Wins: NA
Canadian Beer Awards Wins: 2014 – European Lager (Trailblazer Pilsner)

Rank in Fraser Valley: 7th place (out of 11)
Rank in Southwestern B.C.: 51st place (out of 77)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have beers in your grandpa’s attic? Do you live in a part of the Fraser Valley where the Lougheed Highway is incredibly important to your daily life? If you answered “Yes!” to either of these questions, you should go visit Mission Springs.

Mission Springs is a log cabin of colossal proportions. Normally, this would not bear mentioning, but it is stunningly vast. And every single square inch of that space is covered with kitsch, Americana, and musical memorabilia. When the earthquake comes, this place will be the largest concentration of deaths by falling commemorative ceramic mugs.

This place is really more of a pub than a brewery/tasting room. It has a full service kitchen that serves tasty but unremarkable bar food, but a community needs a place like that. This place knows what it is – it found its niche, and is the best for miles around.

Their selection of beers is broad. Those beers are all drinkable. They are nice. They do not generally distinguish themselves, but have the occasional creative output (the Lemon Ginger Radler and malt Cookies & Cream struck our fancy) that you might be amused by.

On a mission for beers in Mission? Look no further than Mission Springs.

Is it worth the trip out there on it’s own right? No, not really.

But if you’re passing by and need a bite to eat and a brew, by all means stop by, especially if you’re a sucker for kitsch – this brewery is bound to put a (Mission) Spring in your step.

(We’re already sorry about that pun.)

Quality: 12.5/20 (43rd)
Standout: 3.0/5 (45th)
Diversity: 5.7/10 (48th)
Innovation: 2.0/5 (62nd)
Experience: 6.6/10 (50th)
TOTAL: 29.8 (51st)

Next in Fraser Valley: Ridge
Next in Southwest B.C.: Parkside

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