Recent Work

I’ll be posting most of my interesting work on this blog anyway – but if you don’t want to sift through a bunch of posts about whatever pops into my head, here’s a short list of work I’ve done that displays some of my skills.

Who donated to the NDP and Liberals last election?: It’s often better to tell a story using interesting charts instead of giving the reader an endless list of numbers. And if those charts are interactive, all the better. Here’s one example. 

Great Streets of Metro Vancouver: I did a nine-part feature with The Province on, you guessed it, famous streets in the Lower Mainland. Each part profiles a different street, its history, and why it works within the context of its neighbourhood. I also put together a video to go with each one.   

Evacuation order for thousands in Slocan Valley after jet fuel spill in Lemon Creek: One thing that Global News does great in my opinion is our ability to integrate video, photos and pure information into breaking news stories. Here’s an example of how we did that for a mandatory evacuation in the Kootenays.  

Travers Roy Wimble, 1928-2012: A homeless man who spent his final decade in the student union building at UBC, Wimble’s sudden death created a surprising outpouring of emotion. This piece won a Canadian Community Newspaper Award, a testament to the remarkable impact he had on students at UBC—even if he never knew it.

Your guide to B.C.’s 85 ridings: I created profiles of all 85 electoral ridings in B.C. before the 2013 provincial election, with information on all of the candidates and the history of the riding itself. 

The Advocational Party is the richest party you’ve never heard of: For the last decade, there’s been a political party in B.C. that has barely run any candidates, but has accumulated millions of dollars in seemingly mysterious fashion. Here’s a feature I wrote outlining what their purported goals are, and why their large reserves of money raise eyebrows.  


  1. chris Shelton

    Why is the Vancouver elections for mayor boring? Because the CBC edits out any reply of substance from your articles.
    Chris Shelton

  2. Klaus Bever

    Your recent article including Neil Belenkie, recent ex-Mayor of Belcarra is far from accurate.

    Try the Belcarra home page and review the recent council minutes. You might also ask the neighbouring Mayor of Anmore Village for comment regarding recent correspondence (now in the public record). Another good source of balanced information regarding the issues in your article may be Jay Sharpe, Chief of the local volunteer fire department for Anmore and Belcarra.

    I suspect that Mr. Belenkie is media savy and out in front of the issues. He seems to be spinning.

  3. Justin, here is something I would love you to do, and I would love to hear it on the CBC. Could you dig into and explain the nomenclature of the designations of different populated areas in BC? The BC government website has some information but it’s very hard to understand. Sure, it’s simple enough that you could have a village, a town, a city, a metropolitan area. But what are the official names for populated areas and what do they mean? For example why is there a Langley city and a Township of Langley? And what’s the difference? Why are some places municipal districts and some places municipalities or cities? Why is a town like Naramata designated an “unincorporated area”? And if it is unincorporated who governs it? Do the people of Naramata get to elect who governs them or not? Just across the lake is Summerland, not a “town” but “the Corporation of the District of Summerland.” Is Hedley a “village?” (I forget, and can’t leave this page to look it up as I type.) In terms of these designations does size matter or does history matter? Governance of populated areas seems to be a very complicated matter and I would like to know why the designations need to be so various as to complicate our understanding. Of course we know them by their names: Richmond, Naramata, Langley, Maple Ridge, Kelowna, etc., etc.etc. But can you prepare a clear explanation of the designations of these places? Would sure appreciate it!

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