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This is my personal website and grumbling dumping ground. I’m a Vancouver-based journalist who works for CBC Vancouver. I also tweet at @j_mcelroy.

This website exists because Journalism Thought Leaders (TM) say that young journalists should have their own postal code on the internet. More than that, it’s a motivation for me to write for pleasure on subjects that interest and amuse me outside of local news. Most journalists in their 20s keep up a blog as they freelance around, hoping that if potential bosses Google their name, they’ll see a dedicated and thoughtful person who desperately wants to be employed. Then they get a regular paycheque, and the blog’s output dissipates. But I’m trying the opposite approach, because…well…

If you’re interested in my background, I grew up in Victoria, B.C. and went to school at the University of British Columbia. There, I learned how to be a journalist at The Ubysseythe campus paper. It’s been the training ground of amazing Canadian journalists for decades, and I was fortunate enough to learn the craft alongside some great people, winning a few national awards along the way. At the same time, I did work for NBC during the 2010 Olympics, The Vancouver SunThe Tyee, and Maclean’s On Campus.

After graduating, I worked for The Province newspaper for six months, writing multiple stories a day and falling in love with the daily grind of local news. After that, I decided that the TV news business (and not worrying about the next round of inevitable buyouts) would be an interesting challenge. I worked for Global BC from 2012 to 2016, and then decided to take the jump to the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster.

Mostly, I’ll use this site to talk about things that interest me which have nothing to do with the news cycle. Once in a while, I may do that thing where journalists talk about journalism, but mostly I’ll bore you in different ways. Like ranting about awful Disney movies from the 1970s.

Now shoo. Seriously, you have better things to do than stare at the digital representation of my narcissism for any longer than this.

*Pleasant photo above courtesy Gerald Deo


  1. Mary Ann

    Would it not be interesting if Alberta starting to play hard ball with BC. Consumers not purchasing items made in BC. Perhaps albertans not holiday in BC. What if the flow of oil slows down so that the mainland had to ration fuel. What happened to the concept of Canadians pulling together for the greater good of the country. We, as a country, are being held hostage by the green movement. We are losing billions of dollars in revenue that fund schools hospitals etc. We can’t keep taxing the corporations before they take their investments to other countries. I hope Alberta does retaliate if Kinder Morgans permits are slowed down. We need the jobs and the country needs the revenue.

  2. Robin Caldwell

    Hi Justin,

    I read your article on the protest of locating modular buildings in Marpole to shelter the homeless in the winter months.
    I applaud the City of Vancouver for proposing this solution,but on looking at the picture of the protesters, I realized
    that some of them, if not all, are partially responsible for the homeless situation, caused by rising rents and real estate values created by “new” Canadians and off shore buyers.
    I also believe they are more worried about the value of their homes by bringing homeless people to their neighborhood
    and are using the proximity to an elementary school as a smoke screen.
    Apparently the homeless people will be monitored and cared for by social workers and will not present a threat to children.
    I hope the City of Vancouver does not bow to their demands as it appears nowadays the visual minorities always
    get the upper hand.
    At the present time ,Justin, I am out of the country but I read the CBC news daily to keep in touch and will look forward
    to more of your columns

  3. Darrin Rose

    ‪hey man, I love that you’re doing this, and I love the Kids in the Hall. But KITH is an American HBO show that CBC bought.‬

  4. Bill Burt

    Read your story about kids commuting to school with great interest. For those of us who went to elementary school in the 60s walking to school was a way of life unless you had a bicycle. You walked with your friends trading stories and making plans. Surely that’s better than being dropped off 5 minutes before class half asleep. I’m not sure I buy into the “dangerous world out there” theory. Why can’t we teach them to walk facing traffic, look both ways before crossing and don’t talk to strangers. Worked for my generation.

  5. Brian Rosner

    I think that Mayor Robertson’s bank account should undergo a forensic type audit before he leaves office and starts collecting his huge City of Vancouver pension.

  6. Greg Fleck

    Justin good reporting but you missed the opportunity to hammer Robertson on the cities direct impact to housing costs And affordability

    Currently in Vancouver over 30% of the purchase price of a new condo is directly attributed to the city charges such as DCC CAC etc

    These have dramatically increased under his term

    The simple cost formula for costing is one third land, one third building and the last city charges

    He keeps blaming the Feds and Province when in fact he has been the major culprit

  7. Chriscampbell@telu.net

    Hear you are off to Ucluelet.
    We drove there from Newfoundland in 1972. It has changed a bit since, but still serves as the community where working tofitians live, there are still fishing industry installations and now there is a whole range of tourist accommodations.

    Two weeks ago was our latest in many visits since we moved west 25 years ago.

    The Wild Pacific Trail is remarkable and all hikers are blown away by their first visit! The aquarium is absolutely wonderful, even for a jaded marine scientist! The food experience at Norwoods etc is incredible.

    Of course a visit to Torino Brewing is essential on any afternoon!

    We cannot drive or camp on the beach like the first time, but not a great loss.

    We cannot drink through a disposable straw, but surely a leadership position. Remember a little bit of cash so you can buy your cleanable steel straw.

  8. Wendy Davis

    Hi Justin, what is your email address? Having some issues up here in Mount Waddington district with our representative posting racist posts on Facebook. Would like to send you screenshots. Thanks, Wendy Davis, Sointula, BC

  9. Nick McDonald

    Hi Justin, you may not remember me well but we spent a good amount of time together as kids; my name is Nick McDonald. In particular I remember you kicking my butt at preteen wrestling matches.

    I heard you this morning on CBC and looked you up, I’m intrigued with your website already and will be checking out your work. You must have worked very hard to get where you are.

    GZ – Nick

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